Since the pre-romanic era figurative arts meet in Umbria a very fertile terrain, as witnessed by several archeological ruins. Starting from the XII Century creativity spreads through the wholr center of Italy and, Umbrian schools attract painters and sculptors from all regions: Cimabue, Giotto, Pietro Cavallini, Simone Martini, Pietro Lorenzetti, Beato Angelico, Filippino Lippi, Benozzo Gozzoli and Piero della Francesca , among the most famous.
Among the XV and the XVI centuries, arts in Umbria literally explode under the Pontifical State’s aegis. The best schools, that were destined to guide the Italian renaissance, were lead by: Pietro Vannucci (born in Città della Pieve in 1445) called “Il Perugino”, Bernardino di Betto (Perugia 1513) called “Il Pinturicchio”, Luca Signorelli from Cortona, Dono Doni from Assisi, and others. The great Raffaello Sanzio from Urbino as well learned in such schools.
Many artists chose to settlein Umbria, for example in Spello, an ancient medieval city rich of architectonic masterpieces and renaissance paintings. A considerable number of artists set their residence there giving life to important art galleries and cultural centers.

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